Jennifer Larson

Name:  Jennifer Larson                        Birthday:  Sept. 6


Did you know…
I have these kids: Olivia, Jacob, Eric
These are my pets: Luna (Golden Retriever) and Bean (cat)
I went to college: at Penn State and Geneva College
In my spare time, I love to: Cook!


Which is your favorite?
Cake or Pie                             Sweet or Salty            

Travel or Stay Home           Books or Movies
Coffee or Tea                         Target or Walmart

Donuts or Bagels                 Fruit or Chocolate
Coke or Pepsi                         Pizza Joes or Foxes

Theater or Red Box           Stripes or Polka Dots


My Favorite…
Color: Blue           Cake: Chocolate

Cookie: Chocolate Chip    Sports Team: Penn State 

Starbucks Drink: Caffe Latte
Ice Cream Shop: Witch Flavor

Book Store: Barnes and Noble
Flower: Daisy             Fruit: Blackberries 

Breakfast: Scones/Tea
Salty Snack: Popcorn       Hobby: Cooking

Food: Pasta    Restaurant: Biba’s

If I had $10 to spend on myself, I would buy: Ice Cream