Obstacle Fun Run





Committee Chair will coordinate volunteers/sub-committees to organize sponsors for the event, order t-shirts for the students, arrange volunteers, collect donations from students, set up/break down on the day of event and plan the prize/award ceremony.

To volunteer for this committee click on the following link:


Please be sure to include your email address in the optional notes section, so you can be easily contacted by other committee members.

To volunteer for the day of the Fun Run please click on the following link and be sure to include the times you are able to volunteer.


The schedule for the Fun Run is as follows: (Please note the schedule is listed by homeroom but students will be coming out during Math class) Students will be participating for 20 minutes.

8:35 Macher             12:15 Miller
8:45 Stover               12:25 Hartwick
8:55 Mammone
9:05 Oles                    1:45 Porada
9:15 Frantz                 1:55 Porter
9:25 Camp                 2:05 Stedford
9:35 Moore                2:15 Selepec
9:45 Hogan                2:25 Lang
9:55 Ringer                2:35 Smith
10:05 Naugler

10:45 Snider
10:66 Learn
11:05 Phillips
11:15 Pitaro

11:45 Gillette
11:55 Peterson